Media Planning

Successful campaigns begin with a thorough review of client goals and consumer targets, and we take the time to fully understand both.

WHO you want to reach: Utilizing customer data, third-party data, and RPM insights; RPM targets the highest potential customers.

HOW best to reach them: With MediaMaximizer® and countless other resources, RPM will identify what media will deliver your message most effectively.

Media Buying

Once the planning phase is completed, our buying team will efficiently and expertly execute the plan, including the most complex intricacies:

  • Thousands of locations with multiple messages
  • Varying media mix by market based on media landscape and market conditions
  • Complex store allocations
  • Franchise and license scenarios
  • Integration with your internal systems

Full transparency throughout the placement, billing, and reconciliation process.

Over 300 report options with the flexilibility to develop outputs that best serve YOUR needs.