MediaMaximizer® is the retail print media software exclusively available to RPM and its licensed clients. This state-of-the-art, web-based application allows users to plan and evaluate print media strategies via access to over 16,000 print media vendors. The system enables a collaborative environment between departments, which enhances productivity and quickly provides client ready output in a user-friendly format.

MediaMaximizer® takes disparate data that would normally take a long time to compile and would cause analysis paralysis, and presents visual analytics that are easy to digest. Buying and placement metrics come to life with dashboards, graphs, and custom reports. The output tailored to the clients' business drives quicker and better proactive decisions and execution for placement of print media to reach targeted audiences with maximum ROI.

The MediaMaximizer® platform includes the following features:

The Analysis Module is flexible enough to handle widely varying goals such as large market plans, rural market strategies and store grand openings. It includes over 200 reports in both Excel and PDF format that illustrate critical data at the click of a button. In addition, there are over 30 mapping tools integrated into the platform to allow users a visual representation of the plans and decisions they have made. The MediaMaximizer® reports are the best in the industry with the content that clients want, the format they need, and the detail they desire.

The Order Entry Module is designed to handle thousands of orders per month, and to process media plans effectively and efficiently. The placement process manages preprint insert plans as easily as it handles ROP driven plans. Press Run/Run List processes are fully integrated with the placement process, ensuring that the same quantities are utilized in both features.

Rate Management allows users to store all the rates they need to effectively operate their media buys and their planning and analysis. It also provides all the tools necessary to enhance a negotiator's ability to obtain the best rates possible.

An extensive library of rate cards, media kits, audit reports and draw quantities for thousands of vendors are housed in the application, with the data updated routinely.

Accounting reconciliation tools that allow our staff to effectively and quickly validate vendor invoices, and tackle any issues that may arise.

Our clients have access to MarketMaximizer® which allows them real time 24/7 access to their media plans. RPM is fully transparent in its business, and clients can get their information whenever and wherever they need it.

MediaMaximizer® Access

Users can click here to access MediaMaximizer®.

MarketMaximizer® Access

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