RPM resources and experience are unmatched. Our clients never settle.

Consumer and Media Research

Data and insights are central to all that we do. We utilize cutting-edge third-party data, proprietary client data as well as our own indexing data and insights to hone in on your customers with minimal waste.


Our proprietary planning, analysis, and buying platform, MediaMaximizer® - not only maintains critical data sets at the most granular levels available, but it also houses our own proprietary modeling module that allows us to prioritize geographies and consumer sets.

Drawing on over 15,000 media options maintained in this system, we not only have the "who" and "where" at our fingertips but also the "how" and "with what" dialed in.

As an independent provider of media services to our clients, we are completely agnostic. 100% of our recommendations are delivered with one objective - what is best for our clients.


The media landscape is evolving every day and has never been more fragmented. Your business warrants the guidance of experienced media professionals. Our leadership team (Director+) comes with an average of 22+ years of real media experience. We provide true thought leadership - not canned answers delivered by junior associates.