With sound thinking behind the print media solutions we recommend, Retail Print Media proves its value daily.

Consumer and Media Research

We incorporate as much information and insight as possible, using our own data and third party sources to deliver the analytics that clients need for optimal preprint and ROP programs.


To uncover new marketing opportunities and better targeting for your preprint and insert programs, we have developed MediaMaximizer®, our own powerful web-based planning and research software, which combines media expertise with details on more than 16,000 print media vendors in the United States and Canada. We have modeling software that provides results with which our analysts then add the human element in order to provide the most effective results for our clients.

RPM is not tied to any specific print media strategy; we work to employ the media channels that work best for each client. We are experienced working with daily newspapers, community weeklies, shoppers and pennysavers, shared mail, direct mail, alternative weeklies, ethnic publications, military publications, local and national magazines, business publications and college media.

Retail Insight

Our history and depth within the retail sector ensure that we provide advertisers with the best print media management service possible, regardless of business model, and help to meet their marketing goals and objectives with success. We have experience with National, Regional and Local retailers, as well as franchisee oriented programs and Co-Op driven plans.