RPM executes print media plans with precision and confidence, providing clients with the best planning, buying and analytics to ensure a solid return on investment.

Print Media Planning

Successful campaigns begin with a thorough review of client needs and targets, and we take the time to fully understand both.

WHO you want to reach:

  • Demographics
  • Psychographics
  • Geographies
  • Clustering

HOW best to reach them:

  • Past tactics and results
  • Current media environment as it relates to specific targets
  • Media option details - Readership/viewership, circulation, impressions and cost factors
  • Effectiveness measures - Reach and frequency analysis

Print Media Buying

Once the planning phase is completed, our buying team will efficiently and expertly execute the plan, including such intricacies as:

  • Events with thousands of location and vendor permutations
  • Tiering programs
  • Complex store allocations
  • Franchisee and licensee scenarios
  • Integration with your internal systems

Contract Negotiation

Acting as your agent, we deliver the best rates for you. Our negotiators have deep experience, strong vendor relationships and a record of cost-effective results to represent you well. We assure your rates are free of commitment, and we keep a close and steady pulse on the rate environment to assure you get the best deal possible.

Post-Buy Reporting & Analytics

Working with media partners – and based on client reporting schedules and requirements – we provide advertisers with timely, detailed analyses for every campaign. We also facilitate reporting, distribution and allocation of costs based on geographies or co-op dollars.